Data center server area Server Area
One of the world's
largest dedicated
hosting data

Data center server racks Server Racks
Connected by 14
Gigabit Ethernet
links & 6 backbone

Data center operations center Ops Center
24/7/365 security
monitoring and

Take a tour of our data center:


Affordable Web HostingMad Moose Hosting is the safe, affordable hosting solution for small business and individuals offering:

Comprehensive Hosting Packages
Reliable High-speed Servers

Aware of the needs of designers and small-medium enterprise businesses, our team has developed a full rack of high performing and dependable servers. Mad Moose Hosting provides high-speed web hosting and domain name registration for personal, commercial, educational and nonprofit websites. We monitor our servers continuously and upgrade their performance regularly. We know how well they work because we use them ourselves!


Mad Moose Studio designers can build your next company website, e-commerce store, party or wedding website, personal weblog... you name it. Our specialties include:

Website layout, graphic design, web programming and photo restoration. more info


Content management systems, e-commerce solutions and search engine optimization. more info

We develop attractive, interactive websites relying heavily on PHP and CSS programming styles. This results in fast-loading, feature-rich websites that are simple and fun to use. If you need a new website or some touchups to an existing site, drop by Mad Moose Studio for a free project concept estimate.


Specialty Web ServicesNot everyone can afford a custom built website yet would still like to take advantage of the web! Our fully pre-configured weblogs and forums are ready for immediate use and require absolutely NO WEBMASTERING EXPERIENCE! Express yourself in your own blog or become the forum master of an online community today. We also offer baby websites and web-mail memberships. more info

Colocation is an outsourcing solution that allows hosting providers to place their servers in a secure data center that provides rack space, bandwidth, routing, electricity and round- the-clock protection. Colocation is not reselling! Mad Moose Hosting owns the servers and some of the routers and switches that connect our servers to the data center's Internet connections. We administrate each server directly and oversee all aspects of their maintenance and performance.


Colocation provides a cost-effective means of accessing a secure hosting environment while providing two motivated teams of technicians responsible for insuring server stability. We are able to operate more efficiently and spend more time with our customers while providing:

  • High speed connections through multiple carriers (to prevent downtime).
  • Redundant power and Internet connections.
  • Guaranteed power supply (battery UPS for short term combined with an on-site diesel generator and substation for extended outages).
  • On-site hardware technicians available 24/7/365.
  • Secure access facilities with 24/7/365 remote camera surveillance and security guard patrol.
  • Reduced end-user rates through increased efficiency.

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